A place for apples, crafting, and other round and delicious things. such as ponies.
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 Applecraft is UP! Time for rules!

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PostSubject: Applecraft is UP! Time for rules!   Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:29 pm

I know what you're thinking: "BUT AARON, WHAT DOES THIS SITE HAVE TO DO WITH CRAFTING OR APPLES?" well you're absolutely right. it's a crustacean.
you: "what."

anyway, welcome to Applecraft! this is certainly your first time here, seeing as so many new members are joining (unless you're the first few). this site is dedicated to nothing in particular, and will be for those who like being cool, and being on a sexy site. so please, enjoy yourself and look at the sexy effects

sadly, in order to stop the shouting of obscene sex words and terrible jokes at the lesser folk, I need to include some form of RULES. I know, none of us like these. but it has to be made


  1. no drinking and driving while on this site. if you are reading this while doing so you have .3 seconds to live
  2. don't stray off the topic of discussion in forum threads. take it to the chatbox or make a new thread if you want to talk about something different.
  3. when the admins say no, the admins say NO. unless there is a debate you would like to start with us, please do not break our rules. but if Doodle tells you something strange you are allowed to ask me whatever you want about it and I may or may not smack him upside the head.
  4. no swearing. really people. we're not THAT kind of sexy.
  5. no insulting the sexiness of other sites. they might not handle it and have a breakdown.
  6. no 1337 5p33k. that means you, timmy.
  7. no shock sites. we are not interested in what your explicitly sour fruit do on a Saturday night. (COUGHpartyCOUGH)
  8. no spam.
  9. advertising may only be done in your signatures, unless it's not REAL advertising.
  10. keep your posts in the appropriate board.
  11. no explicit harassment
  12. no fondling the monkeys. those are mine.
  13. you may only stroke my mane if I give you permission
these rules are open for suggestions.
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Applecraft is UP! Time for rules!

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